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CBD Flower - Terpene Enhanced Flower

Super Lemon Haze - Sativa Enhanced

Grape Ape - Indica Enhanced

Headband - Hybrid Enhanced

Ki Pod Lab Results

Green Crack 150mg Starter Pack

Gorilla Glue #4 150mg Starter Pack

Green Crack 300MG

Green Crack 600MG

Gorilla Glue #4 300

Gorilla Glue #4 600

Pinnacle Hemp D'nish Flavored CBD Tinctures Lab Results

D'nish Tradewinds 300MG

D'nish Thai Dream 300MG

D'nish Oasis 300MG

Kokoro Broad Spectrum CBD W/ MCT Tinctures Lab Results

Kokoro MCT 300MG

Kokoro MCT 600MG

Kokoro MCT 1200MG

Pinnacle Hemp CBD Dog Treats Lab Results

Pinnacle Hemp CBD Pet Tincture Lab Results

Pinnacle Pets Pet Tincture 120MG

Pinnacle Pets Pet Tincture 240MG

Pinnacle Pets Pet Tincture 480MG

Pinnacle Hemp CBD Coffee Lab Results

Pre Rolls – Terpene Enhanced Flower

OG Fruit - Hybrid

Blueberry - Indica

Green Apple - Sativa

Pinnacle Hemp CBD Honey Lab Results

Honey Syringe

Pinnacle Hemp CBD Gummies Lab Results

Gummies 25MG Per Candy Piece

Pinnacle Hemp Toothpicks Lab Results

Toothpicks 200MG

David G Tinctures Lab Results

Coffee Bean Delight

Coconut Blast Drink

Creamy Berry Dessert

Pinnacle Hemp CBD Crumble Lab Results

Pinnacle Hemp CBD Capsules Lab Results

Full Spectrum CBD Capsules

Pinnacle Hemp CBD Lotion Lab Results

Hemp Lotion 200MG

Men's Hemp Lotion 200MG

Pinnacle Hemp CBD Relief Cream Lab Results

Pinnacle Hemp CBD Beard Oil Lab Results

Chromium 120MG

Formerly “The Buldge”

Platinum 120MG

Formerly “The Buldge”

Titanium 120MG

Formerly “The Buldge”

Old Label Beard Oil 200MG

Pinnacle Hemp CBD Sugar Scrub Lab Results

Sugar Scrub 200MG

Pinnacle Hemp CBD Flower Lab Results

Frosted Lime

Siskiyou Gold

Special Sauce

Kokoro - Balance

MCT - 1200MG CBD

Kokoro - Uplift

MCT - 1200MG CBD

Kokoro - Harmony

MCT - 1200MG CBD

Pinnacle Hemp CBD W/ MCT Tincture's Lab Results

Pinnacle Hemp 300MG

Pinnacle Hemp 600MG

Pinnacle Hemp 1200MG

Pinnacle Hemp 1800MG